Sailing is Alive and Well on the Hudson River

Come Join in the Fun!

The Hudson River Yacht Racing Association (HRYRA) is the local arm of US Sailing (America’s national sailing organization). Yacht racing might bring to mind blue blazers and exclusive private clubs but it’s really an open arena where anyone, well you need a boat (or better know someone with a boat!) can participate.

I heard a sailboat instructor once say to her students; “I can teach you the basics of sailing a boat in an afternoon on the water, but you’ll spend the rest of your life becoming a good sailor.” I heartily agree with her summation of the sport, but I would add; “If you want to speed up the process, go race your boat!” Someone once said that you can learn in one season racing your boat what would take you five seasons to learn from casual day sailing.
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Top reasons to race your sailboat

-Day sailing is like playing tennis without a net
-It helps make you a much better sailor
-It gets you out on the water more often
-Racing is always a challenge (sometimes of your patience!)
-There’s something for everyone from-detail oriented people to those who love a challenge
-It helps you focus on keeping your boat in tip top shape
-The teamwork it requires really develops great friends

Darell Dwyer
HRYRA President