Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley

 The Hudson River is spanned by six bridges that are part of the New York State Bridge Authority.

Bear Mountain Bridge, Newburgh-Beacon Bridge, Mid-Hudson Bridge, Kingston-Rhinecliff Bridge, Rip Van Winkle Bridge and the Walkway Over the Hudson (formerly the Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge)

Each Bridge is unique in its history and engineering.

As boaters we travel under them as we cruise the Hudson River.  They also have interesting shore-side museums, exhibitions and points of interest, parks and walkways. Check out the Peregrine Falcon Project, the Mid-Hudson Bridge "Bridge Music" and the Hudson River Skywalk and Arts Festival at the Rip Van Winkle Bridge. These points of interest could be a highlight of your cruise on the Hudson River.

The non-profit organization Historic Bridges of the Hudson Valley  promotes:
“Awareness and general knowledge of the Hudson Valley’s Bridges, their history including their role and contributions in shaping the economy, the art of civil engineering, architecture and bridge science for the benefit of the public; and to serve as curator and custodian of historical artifacts regarding the bridges owned and maintained by the New York State Bridge Authority.” – from “Take a Bridge to the Hudson Valley” HBHV.

Link to the web sites for more information about each bridge’s history, engineering, photos and more.
(Photos and information from the NYSBAHBHY and Walkway.org web sites)

The bridges, from south to north:

Fast Facts

Opened to the public: November 27, 1924
Acquired by NYSBA: September 26, 1940
Connecting Counties: Orange/Rockland and Westchester/Putnam
Overall Length: 2,255 feet
Bridge Type: Parallel wire cable suspension bridge
Initial Cost: $2,900,000

Fast Facts

Opened to the Public: North Span: November 2, 1963,
South Span: November 1, 1980
Connecting Counties:Orange and Dutchess
Overall Length: North Span: 7,855 feet
South Span: 7,789 feet
Bridge Type: Articulated Deck Truss
Initial Cost: North Span: $19,500,000, South Span: $93,600,000

Fast Facts

Opened to the Public: August 25, 1930
Acquired by NYSBA: March 17, 1933
Connecting Counties: Ulster and Dutchess
Overall Length: 3,000 feet
Bridge Type: Parallel wire cable suspension bridge with suspended side panels
Initial Cost: $5,900,000

Great Shore-Side Walking/Exploring

The walkway across the Hudson is on the former Poughkeepsie Railroad Bridge. Crossing Walkway Over the Hudson and the Mid-Hudson Bridge, this 4.4-mile loop offers thrilling river views and connects attractions on the Poughkeepsie and Highland waterfronts.

Fast Facts

Opened to the Public: February 2, 1957
Connecting Counties: Ulster and Dutchess
Overall Length: 7,793 feet
Bridge Type: Continuous Under-Deck Truss
Initial Cost: $17,500,000

Fast Facts

Opened to the Public: July 2, 1935
Connecting Counties: Greene and Columbia
Overall Length: 5,041 feet
Bridge Type: Cantilevered and Suspended Deck Trusses
Initial Cost: $2,400,000